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Mental Fatigue

Symptoms of an underactive thyroid

A low thyroid function really impacts your whole body, and your mental health is no exception. Sufferers often have difficulty concentrating and endure poor memory. They often have to suffer from confusion, slowness in speaking, depression and mood swings.

This is because the underactive thyroid causes decreased cerebral blood flow. Many sufferers are prescribed psychiatric drugs, when the root of the problem really lies in the thyroid. A few simple corrective measures can help your Hypothyroidism, often without having to resort to drugs.

Low Body Temperature

Body temperature is a very important indicator of low thyroid function. Many doctors rely on blood tests to detect an underactive thyroid gland - when these tests come back normal (as they frequently do), nothing further is done.

Dr. Broda Barnes M.D., an expert on the thyroid, created the “Barnes basal temperature test” to correct this deficiency in testing. Take a look at our underactive thyroid diagnosis page for more information.

Fluid Retention

If you suffer from weight fluctuations and think you may have low thyroid function, you’ll be interested to know that low body temperature is a very common symptom of hypothyroidism.

In addition to causing those weight fluctuations, low body temperature can also results in swollen legs, hands and feet, as well as a general feeling of bloating and puffiness.

When you cure your thyroid problem and body temperature goes back to normal, these symptoms tend to disappear quickly. In the meantime however, a healthy diet, exercise and some herbal remedies can help with water retention.

Other treatments include water baths with Epson Salt, saunas, steam rooms and skin brushing.

Dry skin, brittle nails, cracked feet

Since an underactive thyroid gland slows many of the body functions down, the body’s largest organ (the skin) is bound to be affected too.

Secretions from the Sebaceous gland are crucial to keep your skin lubricated – a low thyroid problem can leave it itchy and dry.

Low thyroid function can also result in slower blood circulation, resulting in a shortage of fatty acids and nutrients being delivered to your skin cells. This causes the skin to look lifeless and pale, and may also result in cold hands and feet.

Low thyroid sufferers are more likely to get pimples, blackheads, boils, and other skin imperfections.

Physical Fatigue & Lethargy

Since having an under-producing thyroid gland can really slow your body down, many sufferers struggle to get through the day. This can be particularly detrimental to your working life.

Often, one will have a solid night’s sleep and still feel groggy, exhausted and sluggish throughout the next day.

Weight Gain

The Thyroid is responsible for making hormones that regulate your metabolism, affecting how smoothly and quickly your body can convert calories into energy. A misfiring thyroid can slow down your metabolism.


Without enough thyroid hormone, your skin may suffer from poor blood circulation. The nutrients you’re your skin needs are not delivered and, just as importantly, the waste materials are not carried away.

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