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We set up this site to share our experiences of low thyroid function. This is a disorder that is frequently misdiagnosed. Doctors often confuse it with depression, or refuse to prescribe medicine because your levels don't fall outside of arbitrary ranges that don't take individual physiology into account.

We are not medical doctors, but we have experienced the symptoms of low thyroid function and have found a cure ourselves. Often a combination of the right diet and exercise, combined with the right supplements, is sufficient to treat a low thyroid condition. In some cases medication is also needed, and hopefully this site will enable you to get the right diagnosis and prescription from you doctor.

All the best from the Low Thyroid Diet team, and good luck with getting healthy!

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  • Depression: there’s no enthusiasm for anything
  • Brain fog: can’t seem to think straight or remember things you should easily know
  • Weight gain: you can’t seem to lose weight no matter what you do

The Hypothyroidism Solution is written by Duncan Capicchiano, a world renowned, fully qualified naturopath.

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