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Hair Loss

Low Thyroid Causes

For most people around the world, hair and hair style is very important. Everyone likes a thick head of hair, its attractive and often even expected. Having thick, healthy looking hair is a bonus and adds to your personality. But can you believe that over 80 million Americans have hair loss problems?

While losing hair has its genetic causes, most of the time it is caused by a persons own doing. Thankfully hair loss problems can be treated and there are even all natural supplements that can reverse the effects of hair loss.

When you go in for a doctor visit for answers about your hair loss, the doctor typically asks the following kinds of questions: Has anyone in your family been affected by hair loss? How are your typical hair care habits? What is your diet like? Are you currently taking any medications? Have you been ill recently?

For most men and women, hair is usually something you don't worry about until you start losing it. There is a lot of social and cultural importance on hair and this is why hair loss can be so devastating for both men and women. Unfortunately, we live in a very busy society and a number of factors can make your hair fall out faster. Stress, diseases, poor hair care habits and other hormone imbalances can all play a big role in unexpected hair loss.

Out of all of these and other causes of hair loss, low thyroid function is the root of concern. Remember, hair loss can be treated and if the cause is isolated, then your chances are highest for restoring your thick healthy hair. Fortunately, herbal supplements like Thyromine have been invented to naturally balance thyroid function and restore healthy hair.

Herbal ingredients have been proven to have a positive effect on stimulating hair growth. Thyroid supplements can naturally balance and boost your metabolism, which is a big factor in causing hair loss.

If you decide to see a doctor about hair loss, then they will most likely prescribe Thyromine or another similar supplement. It is a good idea to stimulate your body's natural thyroid production to determine if this is the cause of hair loss, before looking at risky pharmaceutical drugs, surgery or other clinical hair restoration options.

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