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Low Thyroid Causes

Researchers now know that there is a connection between high cholesterol and thyroid problems.

There are potentially tens of millions of Americans with undiagnosed thyroid problems causing their high cholesterol. Some even speculate that low thyroid hormones specifically, are the number 2 cause of high cholesterol.

This connection is explained by the metabolic role of your thyroid gland. In short, when the thyroid slows down hormone production (hypothyroidism), your liver would then have a harder time filtering the blood and removing the cholesterol.

This is important to know for those with high cholesterol, because if you happen to be one who has hypothyroidism problems, then you may not respond to any of the cholesterol treatments (except diet and exercise of course, as those also help thyroid problems).

Unfortunately, thyroid hormone levels aren't usually tested during blood testing, and yet cholesterol levels are. And many doctors don't test thyroid levels when there are cholesterol problems, even though the connection between the two is well documented.

Some even say that up to half of Americans with thyroid disease remain undiagnosed.

High Cholesterol and Thyroid Disease Remedies

So, you should first find out if it is a thyroid problem that causes high cholesterol (at home test can show this). If that's the cases then there's good news. You can actually drop cholesterol levels significantly without the medications by using natural and safe prescriptions for thyroid problems. Another option is thyroid hormone replacement, but it comes with its side effects.

But this is great news, because cholesterol drugs are terribly unhealthy for you, and even the most extreme prescriptions thyroid hormones are usually less expensive.

The thyroid problems doesn't just cause higher cholesterol either, it can cause fatigue, weight gain, dry skin and sensitivity to the cold.

So if this is you, you may want to talk to your doctor and consider thyroid supplementation with the key natural ingredients to fix the thyroid problem.

Ben Branklin is an Authority in Natural Medicine. He's put together a Free site of the Natural Prescriptions. It saves you an expensive doctor visit, and more importantly it's safer. Go to to find the natural prescriptions for these health concerns: natural thyroid and cholesterol prescriptions.

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